Paddy Power to Support Social Causes with £280K


Posted: March 1, 2016

Updated: May 25, 2017

The UK Gambling Commission ordered Paddy Power to support social causes with a £280,000 payment. This comes after the UKGC found that Paddy Power failed to protect two if its vulnerable customers as well as to fight crime effectively.

Paddy Power to support social causes with a £280,000 (€355,500/$388,500) fund after the operator mishandled two of their customers at one of its betting shops according to the UKGC. They also failed to make the right anti-money laundering effort with one of their online customers according to UK gambling laws. The user was later convicted for serious criminal offenses.

Paddy Power to support social causes and inform other operators

UKGC programme director commented these UK gambling news, saying “We expect the industry will learn the lessons from this case – it is their duty to keep crime out of gambling and protect vulnerable people from harm. If operators don’t implement processes and policies aimed at doing this then they risk losing their operating licence.”

He added: “Paddy Power failed in its dealing with three customers and is now facing the consequences of these actions in a very public way.”

You can read about Paddy Power’s 2015 profits here

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