Paddy Power’s Marketing Campaign Tops World Cup Social Media Charts

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In efforts to increase their online presence, Paddy Power’s BrazilNuts marketing campaign becomes success during the World Cup.

BrazilNuts was the most talked about campaign on social media sites like Twitter, beating other competitors to claim great popularity. Joakim Nilsson, editor at Social Monitor, highlighted how the World Cup served as a great platform for mobile betting firms to strengthen their presence on multiple sites.

The World Cup generated a record breaking volume of social buzz for most sportsbook brands in the industry. This was especially true for Paddy Power, which alone accounted for just over 500,000 mentions during the event, or six times more mentions than Betfair, which had the the second largest share of voice in relation to World Cup betting.

Social Monitor provides companies with technical assistance

According to gambling news reports, Social Monitor is tasked with keeping track of social media presence and other similar operations of online gaming sites. They are known to provide their assistance to companies that are looking to increase popularity with the online sphere.

The specially designed BrazilNuts marketing campaign appealed mostly to male students that are keen on music and most importantly sports and football. Paddy Power came up with their own version of the special vanishing sprey that referees used at the World Cup. To appeal to their audience, they comically named it “Blatter Splatter.”

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