Pay per View Co-headliners: Anthony Dirrell vs David Benavidez Betting Odds

David Benavidez is determined to claim his WCB super middleweight championship after a year-long suspension. Anthony Dirrell who claimed the vacant title is looking to defend it and leave a legacy for himself. The Anthony Dirrell vs David Benavidez betting odds favor Benavidez.

Anthony Dirrell vs David Benavidez Betting Odds
We've got an exciting match ahead...

WCB Super Middleweight champion Anthony “The Dog” Dirrell is facing the unbeaten former champion, David “El Bandera Roja” Benavidez on September 28th in Staples Center, LA. Dirrell is looking to defend his title whereas Benavidez who was once unbeaten is going to win it back. The two boxers are co-headlining Fox’s pay per view fight night. 

David Benavidez is the favorite to bet on 

Benavidez (1.15) was the youngest champion in his division in the history of boxing. Therefore, he is certainly a force to be reckoned with, especially after the intensive months of training he’s received. 

David Benavidez has an impressive record of 21-0, 18 of which were KOs. The 22-year old boxer once held the WCB super middleweight championship but was stripped of his title upon testing positive for cocaine in September 2018. 

Now a year later, he claims to have matured and learned that everything in life can be lost. This led us to believe that he is bringing his absolute best to this fight. since he knows what it feels like to have everything taken from him. According to sportsbook news in the US, When asked about Dirrell he mentioned: “He’s a tough kid. He’s 22 years old. He’s going in there to take what’s mine and I got to defend my title of course, and I’ll be successful doing that.” 

Anthony Dirrell is confident he can beat Benavidez

Dirrell has only lost one fight in his 14 year-long professional career. A career that started only when Benavidez was 8 years old! His record currently is 33-1, along with 24 KOs. So when it comes to experience, Dirrell has a thing or two to teach to the young Benavidez. 

The world so caught up with Benavidez and what he might do after his one year leave, that they are forgetting about a highly experienced fighter with a first-class record. The 34-year-old boxer feels that too. He has mentioned that Benavidez is not what everyone makes him out to be

Dirrell (5.50)  further claims that he has the necessary tools to defeat Benavidez. He has added that “Everyone he (Benavidez) has knocked out, he was supposed to knock out.”  

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