Peaty’s 2019 FINA World Championship Odds

After claiming the top 10 fastest times ever for the 100-meter breaststroke, no one wants to miss Adam Peaty’s performance this year at the FINA World Aquatics Championship. All signs suggest that he is going to get a gold medal again.

Adam Peaty FINA World Championship betting odds
Bet on or against Adam Peaty at the 2019 FINA World Championship

This year the FINA World championship will be held between 12-28 of July in Gwangju, Korea. Situated in the Southwestern part of the Korean Peninsula, Gwangju is known as the ‘City of Peace’. The 2019 Championships will feature all of FINA’s six disciplines:

  1. swimming
  2. diving
  3. high diving
  4. artistic swimming
  5. open water
  6. water polo

The event – which is currently organized every second year – was first held in 1973. Online sportsbook sites in South Korea report that most of the competitions will be held at the Main Aquatics Centre. The imposing construction was originally built for the 2015 Summer Universiade. The Aquatics Centre will host the swimming and diving competitions. Two neighboring outdoor temporary venues will host synchronized swimming and water polo events.

Adam Peaty to win Breaststroke on 100m

100m Breaststroke Odds at 22BET Sportsbook:

  • win Adam Peaty: 1.15
  • Adam Peaty not winning: 4.47

Adam Peaty does not need any introduction. His achievements are unquestionable. Peaty trains 30 hours a week. He was named the 2018 World and European Male Swimmer of the Year by Swimming World Magazine. The fastest breaststroker on the planet and does not plan to stop.

Peaty on 100m at the Olympics in 2016
Peaty on 100m at the Olympics in 2016

Peaty is convinced no one else is training as hard as he does in his field. At a younger age, Peaty was dealing with pre-race nerves so much that he felt uncomfortable about taking part in finals. As a result, he learned how to use his emotions in order to create some kind of aggression, which is beneficial for winning. 

Swimming technique used during breaststroke can be confusing. The secret is using the legs as much as possible and reaching out with the arms. Peaty agrees that 70% of the power needed at breaststroke comes from the legs. We’ll soon find out whether that’s enough for gold. Peaty’s 2019 FINA Wold Championship odds on 100m are 1.15 for a win, while his odds for not getting the first place are 4.74.

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