Pennsylvania Legal Sports Betting to be Considered in New Legislation

Posted: October 19, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

A new draft legislation has been introduced by representative Nick Kotik in an effort to see Pennsylvania legal sports betting become a reality in licensed casinos across the US state.

Kotik, who is the Democratic chairman of the House Gaming Oversight Committee, said that the Keystone State can only consider introducing Pennsylvania legal sports betting if they’re able to overturn federal US gambling laws that surround the issue. His legislation includes policies similar to those proposed by lawmakers in New Jersey last year, when the state unsuccessfully tried to legalize sports betting.

So far, laws under the Professional and Amateur Sport Protection Act only allow for sports betting in US to take place in the states of Nevada, Montana, Delaware, and Oregon. For Pennsylvania to be added to the list would be big for US gamblers.

Pennsylvania legal sports betting could turn around the state’s gambling market

Presently, the Pennsylvania online casino market is not doing well. Lawmakers have so far suggested alternatives such as the expansion of casino services. Kotik is adamant about Pennsylvania legal sports betting being the best solution to the problem, but is willing to compromise.

Said Kotik: “This introduction comes at an interesting time. While our state budget remains in limbo, I would welcome further discussion on bridging a compromise plan with expanded forms of gaming.”

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