Further Actions Against Online Gambling in Russia

online gambling in Russia

The Finance Ministry continues the fight against online gambling in Russia by drafting a bill that would ban the transfer of money to casinos.

Despite the ban of internet gambling in Russia many operators keep offering services to the country’s residents. As a response, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation is preparing to introduce new measures to enforce to Russian gambling laws in effect. The potential Finance Bill would block all bank transactions between players and online gambling sites in Russia. The bill will most likely pass as it has powerful supporters, including the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Even stricter measures against online gambling in Russia

“Under the law, citizens of Russia are prohibited from participating in gambling and lotteries in Russia and abroad, including via the Internet,”
stated the Ministry of Finance. It seems that Russia will continue the fight against online gambling in the country. Previously, the responsible authorities proposed to ban use of VPN and Tor services. These options are heavily popular among players that want to play in spite of the ban of online poker sites in Russia.

Russia compiled a blacklist of online gambling providers– similar to that of Romania. The list included famous poker networks like PokerStars, Unibet and partypoker. Some operators decided to cease their gambling services in Russia by themselves. Russia’s unfriendly stance towards online gambling is a widely known fact. With this new bill, they would make it more difficult to use the services of online casino sites and poker rooms in Russia.

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