Philippine Mobile Casino Games Developer Begins Asia-Pacific Conquest

Posted: July 7, 2011

Updated: October 4, 2017

Philippine gaming solutions provider PhilWeb has been granted a license to open a mobile casino in East Timor

Philippine PhilWeb Corporation has set out to become the dominant force in providing gaming solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. These ambitious goals moved closely to reality when the corporation announced it was awarded the license to operate a mobile casino in East Timor.

PhilWeb operates in full compliance with Philippine gambling laws and is the first and largest internet company in the country. The Philippine mobile gaming developer operates a nationwide network of online cafés, sports betting outlets and mobile casinos in Philippines. It serves over sixty thousand clients on a daily basis.

PhilWeb issued a statement sent to the Philippine Stock Exchange, in which the company states that the acquired license provides a necessary legal framework for the immediate launch of a mobile casino in East Timor.

Dennis Valdes, President of PhilWeb Corporation, told online gambling news in Philippines: “Our track record in mobile gaming was critical to the government of East Timor in granting us this license. As previously noted, we have signed joint venture agreements with partners in Cambodia, Laos, Guam and Palau, countries where we have now set up subsidiaries to start up business.”

Valdes went on to say: “We are also actively narrowing our search for partners in Vietnam, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and in other countries in the region. This year will be a banner year for PhilWeb’s Asia Pacific division, as it expands the company’s business into markets beyond our Philippine borders.”

The latest expansion is regarded as a serious step towards PhilWeb domination of the mobile casino gaming market in the Asia-Pacific region. The company will build upon its experience in operating mobile casinos in Philippines and is expected to make rapid advances in the region.

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