PiS Massively Dominate the 2019 Poland Election Betting Predictions and Odds

  • PiS have recently enjoyed a massive win in the EP elections
  • Civic Coalition are hopeful to defeat PiS
2019 Poland Election Betting Predictions and odds
Jarosław Kaczyński is prepared to win
Kancelaria Sejmu / Rafał Zambrzycki [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Poland will be holding parliamentary elections on October 13. The current governing Law and Justice Party (PiS) massively dominates the 2019 Poland election betting predictions and odds. However, the main two opposition blocs “Civic” and “Three Tenors” vie to challenge PiS and change the political landscape.

Poland’s parliamentary elections will determine the make-up of the 460-seat lower house and the 100-seat Senate. Voters will head to the polls in October to decide who will best solve their economic and social problems. Those problems at the center of the debate are linked to LGBT rights, social benefits, air pollution, and energy.

Online sportsbooks in Poland and pollsters suggest Law and Justice Party (PiS) remain the largest political force in the country. Two opposition blocs emerged recently to challenge PiS, including the centrist Civic Coalition and the leftist “Three Tenors”. According to the 2019 Poland election betting predictions, the opposition coalitions have little chance to end the PiS dominance. However, should you expect the unexpected and pick the opposition you will enjoy a huge profit at 1xBET Sportsbook.

What do pollsters say?

Euronews has reported that a poll by IBRIS conducted on August 26 shows that PiS would attract 41.5 percent of votes. The main opposition group Civic Coalition will likely pick up 26.6 percent. Whereas, the liberal and leftist bloc might get up to 12.2 percent.

However, another pollster Kantar suggests otherwise. It shows that PiS’s popularity has dropped to 39 percent down from 44 percent in August. Whereas, the Civic Coalition are on 30 percent up three points since mid-August.

PiS recently enjoyed a massive win in the EP elections

PiS came to power in 2015 and became the first party to win an outright majority since the post-communist era. Over the past four years, PiS have faced criticism for eroding the independence of the judiciary. They have also faced criticism for promoting intolerance toward LGBT people and other minorities.

2019 Poland Election Betting Predictions and Odds
Grzegorz Schetyna (Platforma Obywatelska RP [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
However, the party remains hugely popular, thanks to introducing generous social spending programs. Such spending policies have helped many people in a country where average wages remain far below Western European levels. Recently, PiS enjoyed a victory in the 2019 EP elections. Harvard Political Review shows that PiS won not because of some sort of sustained right-wing turn in Polish society, but because PiS employed very skilfull tactics. As such, PiS are still leading with 1.01 odds at 1xBET Sportsbook to retain their majority in the upcoming election.

Civic Coalition hopefull to defeat PiS 

The centrist Civic Platform, the largest opposition party, has formed a coalition with the smaller Nowoczesna party. The Coalition came out in June 2019 as the only way to defeat PiS. However, online gambling news in Poland consider no guarantees for the coalition to make a serious shake up on the current political spectrum. Yet, if you wish to make a wager on the unexpected then you can pick the Civic Coalition to win the most votes with 15 odds at 1xBET Sportsbook.

Three Tenors: the coalition of small leftist parties

Ahead of the upcoming election three completely different streams of the Polish left and center-left have united for an electoral coalition. The arrangement was quickly named the “Three Tenors” pact. The biggest player in the arrangement is SLD, the Alliance of the Democratic Left. The second party is Wiosna led by Robert Biedron. Whereas, the third party is the far-left Razem. The general public expresses a lot of enthusiasm for the pact and the odds value 21 for it to win the most votes. Yet, the 2019 Poland election betting predictions do not give high hopes for the Three Tenors to take over PiS or Civic.

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