Place Your Bet on the 2017/18 NCAAB Winner with NetBet Sportsbook

bet on the 2017/18 NCAAB winner

There’s only a couple months until the new college basketball season kicks off, making now the perfect time to place your bet on the 2017/18 winner.

It’s seems like just yesterday since the most recent NBA finals, and now basketball fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the start of the new college basketball season. The first game will officially kick off on November 10th, yet already a number of great online sportsbooks in the UK are offering odds for which team wins the championship.

It may seem early to bet on the 2017/18 NCAAB winner, but there are a number of great reasons why these bets are great right now. The odds here set by NetBet Sportsbook are based off last season, and are likely to change meaning a bet on an underdog could pay off as the season progresses. Let’s look at a few teams that basketball betting experts feel have a real shot at getting the win this season.

2017/18 NCAAB winner betting odds

At the moment, Duke is the betting favorite to win the NCAAB Championship this season. They played solid last season but failed to make it into the Final Four. At the moment, NetBet lists their odds to win at 6.00.

Michigan State comes in second in the NCAAB winner betting odds at 8.00. They too lost relatively early in the playoffs last season, yet they possess one of the greatest roster right now with players like Miles Bridges and Colby Wollenman and have a real shot at going all the way this season.

In terms of college basketball underdogs, you might want to consider a bet on Kansas. As we said before they defeated Michigan State last season and made it into the Midwest Regional final before losing to Oregon. Now, their odds to win are set at 15.00.

If you’re planning to bet on the 2017/18 NCAAB winenr this season, make sure to head to NetBet Sportsbook. Also, follow GamingZion’s UK gambling news
page to stay up to date on everything related to betting on college basketball online!

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