Place Your Bet on the Stanley Cup Winner with Intertops!

Canadian NHL teams

NHL fans in Canada have been watching the 2016-17 season intently, and now they can place their bet on the Stanley Cup winner with Intertops!

We are now more than a month into the 2016-17 NHL season, and a number of teams are beginning to emerge as potential Stanley Cup winners. Many of these teams hail from Canada, which has perhaps the largest contingent of hockey fans in the world.

We’re still relatively early in the season, but many online sportsbooks in Canada are already giving their members the chance to bet on the Stanley Cup winner. Leading the betting odds to win the Stanley Cup is the Montreal Canadiens, who are at the top of the Eastern Conference Atlantic Division with 13 wins, and 3 losses. The Canadiens odds to win are +800.

Of course, a number of American teams are also high in the rankings, most notably the Chicago Blackhawks with the same odds of +800. Chicago currently holds a record of 11 wins, and five losses (three of which came in overtime.)

Canadian Teams Odds to Win the Stanley Cup

Montreal may be the team with the highest expectations to win the big trophy, but a number of other Canadian NHL teams still have a solid shot. The Edmonton Oilers are at the top of the Pacific Division with 9 wins, 7 losses, and they currently hold odds of +1200 to win the championship this season.

The next Canadian team’s odds to win the Stanley Cup are a bit of a long shot, but we’re still early in the season and anything can happen. Intertops lists the Winnipeg Jets’ odds to win at +2800. Behind them are the Ottawa Senators with odds of +3000.

Are you planning to bet on the Stanley Cup winner? Will a Canadian team win the trophy for the first time in over 20 years? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out our Canadian gambling news page to stay up to date on everything related to betting on the NHL!

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