Bitcoin Gambling Increases During Trump Election

Bitcoin gambling 2016

The 2016 US election was most of the most scrutinized in American history, but that did not stop many Bitcoin gambling sites from offering political bets.

You’re probably sick of hearing about the 2016 US election, but a number of online sportsbooks in the UK certainly enjoyed all the customers it brought them. It has been called the largest non-sporting betting event in UK history, with over £150 million being wagered on the election result alone.

Not all sites were pleased to see the results however, most notably PaddyPower who lost millions paying out to those who bet on Trump. One of the more interesting notes about the US election betting was the massive surge that Bitcoin gambling sites received.

A number of Bitcoin gambling sites have stated that there was a massive increase in Bitcoin gamblers this election compared to the 2012 election. One Farilay representative stated that over $956,000 was wagered on the election. “Overall, people won around 2000 BTC betting on Trump.”

What Bitcoin Gambling Sites can you Access in the UK?

Just last month, we reported on the news that NetBet Sportsbook had began accepting Bitcoin payments from their members, and a number of other sites that UK gamblers can access will also accept Bitcoin.

Gambling with Bitcoins seems more and more likely to be the future. The fact that so many people used Bitcoins to gamble on politics this year shows this to be true.

Are you surprised so many people used Bitcoin gambling sites for the US election? Is Bitcoin the currency of the future? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out GamingZion’s UK gambling news to stay updated on everything related to Bitcoin betting!

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