NetBet Becomes the First Online Gambling Site in the UK to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Posted: October 19, 2016

Updated: October 19, 2016

A world leader in internet gaming, NetBet has just made a tremendous advancement by becoming the first online gambling site in the UK to accept Bitcoin payments.

On Monday, NetBet announced the plans that they would begin to accept Bitcoin payments from UK players. NetBet is teaming up with the leading Bitcoin provider in the world, Bitpay, to offer both deposit and withdrawal Bitcoin options.

Bitpay commented on the UK gambling news that NetBet will begin offering Bitcoin options, stating their belief that it will better serve the UK’s digital currency user base, and offer customers the peace of mind that they can now play their favorite casino games and sports betting games knowing they’re free from online payment fraud.

What kind of gambling options does NetBet offer?

It’s no surprise that NetBet has become a leader in the UK online gambling industry. They offer a wide range of options for their members, including internet casino games, sports betting lines, and video poker.

The fact that NetBet will now accept Bitcoin payments to players will be great for expanding their brand. There are many people that like internet betting in the UK that feel Bitcoin is the currency of the future, but until now no Bitcoin gambling options were available.

NetBet is already one of the biggest internet gambling sites in the UK, and it is likely to grow even larger in the coming months. They are ensuring that their new plan to accept Bitcoin payments will meet all the necessary regulations, with company spokesperson Alexandre Mangaud telling the media, “Since Bitcoin is new to the regulated gambling industry in Europe, we’ve worked closely with our payment processing partners to ensure that the addition of this new payment method meets the UK Gambling Commission regulatory requirements.”

What do you think of the news that NetBet will begin to accept Bitcoin payments? Will more casino websites UK-based begin doing the same? Tell us what you think be leaving a comment below!

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