Ways to Play 2 Hand Poker Online for Real Cash


Posted: June 20, 2024

Updated: June 20, 2024

  • What is a two-hand poker?
  • Where to play this game online?
  • Here are all the tips you need to know

As one of the most popular casino activities, poker has many variations at online gambling sites. For example, Stud, Hold’Em, double hand poker, and dozens of other games exist to spice up your poker sessions. Today, we are going to tell you how and where to play 2 hand poker online for real money.

Poker is the most popular card game in the world. It is played worldwide, often in various forms. For example, popular gamblers’ picks at online gambling sites in Australia are Stud, Caribbean, Hold’ Em, and multi-hand poker. Multi-hand poker games can also be quite diverse. You can find two-, three-, or five-hand poker or even more unusual picks such as 50 or 100-hand poker. Let’s start with two-hand poker, which is also known as Double-Hand.

Double Hand poker rules

Double or Two-Hand Poker is pretty similar to the classic one. To play it, you need a standard deck of 52 cards and an extra card – joker. The latter has the value of Ace or can complete Straight/Flush combinations. At online casinos, Double Hand poker is usually played among 2-7 players who can sit at one table during the game. The dealer doesn’t participate in the gaming process and has no interest in the game’s outcome. 

Play 2 Hand Poker
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At the beginning of each round, the dealer handles 7 hands for each player at the table. All are dealt face down and are given to no particular player. To determine who will receive the first hand, the dealer rolls a dice. Then, players make up two separate hands of their 7 cards. 5-card hand has to be bigger than the 2-hand one. To win Double Hand poker at online casinos in Australia, both player’s hands must beat their opponent’s hands. Your opponent in the game is a person sitting on your left if there are more than two gamblers playing at the same time.

Where to play 2 hand poker online?

So, now you know everything about basic double-hand poker rules. The game is pretty easy to play; that’s why it is also popular at online casinos and gambling sites. Let’s see where to play 2 hand poker for real cash in 2024.

Two-hand video poker is available at all big online casinos, such as Swift, King Billy, and Bet365. It is also available at Ivibet, Megapari, and 22Bet Casino. We recommend playing it at 22Bet Casino, as this site offers attractive bonuses for both amateur and professional poker players.

At 22Bet, players can receive up to $50 as a welcome bonus and play poker with this money. Also, playing Double Hand for free is possible as the casino provides a demo version of the game. Finally, 22Bet’s two-hand poker was developed by one of the best gaming vendors – Evolution Gaming. So, be sure the game is worth every cent and every minute of your time.

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