Where To Play The Best Turkish Rummy Online Games?

  • Turkish Rummy can be played at online casinos
  • Where can you find the best Rummy games?
best Turkish Rummy online games

Turkish Rummy, also known as Okey, is quite a popular game across the globe. Wondering where to play the best Turkish Rummy online games? See which games and gambling sites are worth your attention in 2021.

If you don’t know what Turkish Rummy is, here is an introduction to this exciting gambling game. Learn the rules, choose an online casino, and win money from this classy game.

What is Rummy/Okey?

Turkish Rummy is a casino game also known worldwide as Okey. Being played at online gambling sites in China, the game is quite a popular gamblers’ pick. More people play it offline in a family circle or at parties. So, let’s see how to play Turkish Rummy and what its objectives are.

Like in other rummy games, you need two decks of cards each containing four suits of 13 cards (1–13) to play Okey. You also need two Joker cards to play the game. The total number of cards for the Turkish Rummy is 106.

Okey/Rummy can be played either online or offline. The best Turkish Rummy online games are available to play against a computer but learn the rules first.

best Turkish Rummy online games
Let’s play!


Playing Rummy at online casinos in China is pretty easy. Just follow the next rules and you will succeed in winning cash in this exciting game!

  • Before the game starts, you need to place a bet. Although it depends on the casino, most sites require a minimum bet of $0.25 and $300 as a maximum.
  • Additionally, the upper card (Upcard) is established before the round starts. It will determine the value of wild cards.
  • Your turn is first. Take one card from the stock pile and throw another one away so that all players have exactly 14 cards each during the game.
  • Discarded cards should be put face up in the player’s own discard pile.
  • The first player who lays all 14 cards down in runs or sets wins.
  • If you win, your winning will be multiplied by x2 according to the game’s odds.

Don’t worry if the rules of Turkish Rummy seem difficult at first glance. Each online casino has the game’s terms and conditions that will help you to refresh rules in mind if needed. So, let’s now see where to play the best Turkish Rummy online games.

Casinos to play the best Turkish Rummy online games

Unfortunately, not all online casinos have Turkish Rummy/Okey to play. You can find the game at chosen gambling sites and we are going to list them below.

First of all, gamblers can play Turkish Rummy at 22Bet Casino. The game is available in the 22Games section, so it is pretty easy to find. To play it online for cash, you will have to sign up for the casino and make a deposit. We recommend playing Okey at 22Bet as this site has all you need to win – rules to remember, betting odds, and plenty of bonuses. 

Apart from 22Bet, you can play standard Rummy at various online casinos. They include 1xBet, Intertops, and Vbet. Choose one and try your luck now!

You can discover more about 22Bet Casino here.

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