Players from 23 States Tried to Access NJ Online Gambling on Launch

Posted: November 26, 2013

Updated: October 4, 2017

Gamblers from 23 States Attempted to Access New Jersey Online Casinos But Were Blocked by Geolocation Software

Payment services and geolocation provider CAMS has revealed that players from 23 states across the US attempted to access online casinos in the US state of New Jersey shortly after launch. The company said that services from providers such as themselves halted the players from accessing the online gambling sites, however.

The news comes as New Jersey becomes the third state to take advantage of changes to American gambling laws allowing online gambling within state boundaries. The casinos have been live for the past five days, as they underwent a test project before the final launch today, November 26th.

While geolocation software has been successful in keeping unwanted visitors out, however, it has also been successful at keeping wanted visitors out, as punters living on the New Jersey border found out. Indeed, gamblers have reported problems on 14 of 17 of the state’s new gambling websites, with geolocation cited as the most common issue.

With mobile casinos soon to follow, this is an issue that the state needs to get right, but enforcers were not overly concerned about the problems encountered.

Lisa Spengler from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement commented that: “It is better to have instances of people in New Jersey being blocked, than instances of people being able to gamble from outside of New Jersey.” She also went on to say that the problems reported: “seem to be routine and not evidence of any system-wide issues.”

Of course, New Jersey is just the third US state to go online, and will not be the last, either. Both Delaware and Nevada have launched online gambling services within their states, while there will surely be sites up and running in California in the near future. Meanwhile, Nevada has plans to partner with Texas to allow cross-border gambling between the two states.

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