Pogba Took Manchester United and City Rivalry to the Next Level…

Pogba Injury Wish Manchester Derby

Paul Pogba has never really seemed to be the most professional football player of all time, but his latest comments on the Manchester United and City rivalry left us speechless.

Online sportsbook news sites in the UK were shocked upon hearing the latest statements by Man Utd star Paul Pogba. The French midfielder was talking about the upcoming Manchester derby, and his comment were quite memorable for everyone who was paying attention.

Pogba said he wishes the worst for certain Man City players. It’s not like he has a problem with any of them, he just wants them to get injured. Pogba said it would be much easier for them if key City players got injured, because key United players got injured as well.

“I hope, and it’s bad to say things like that, fortunately for us, I hope they will get some injured, very importand players injured, like what’s happening to us. (…) A little touch that makes them weaker…” – those are the literal words said by the French crack.

Pogba doesn’t like a good challenge apparently. He doesn’t want his team to prove that they are better than Man City. He doesn’t even want to defeat City at their best. He just hopes for the best Man City players to get injured, so that their chances increase. Usually that’s not how professional sportsmen think about this game, but this is Paul Pogba’s mentality, ladies and gentlemen!

Guardiola & De Bruyne replied…

Of course those related to Man City, could not have left Pogba’s genius words unreplied. Kevin De Bruyne was the first was who was asked about what the United star said. De Bruyne’s respond says it all about the difference between the two sportsmen: “I don’t want anyone to get injured. It’s a competition where you want to play against the best teams and the best players.”
Man City manager Pep Guardiola also had some things to say about Pogba’s amazing comments: “Hopefully there will be no injuries. I would like it if Pogba could play against us. I like to face the teams with their best possible players. I’m pretty sure Pogba doesn’t want to injure other players.”

These were Guardiola’s comments. Unfortunately for all football fans, Paul Pogba won’t be participating n the Manchester United vs Manchester City derby. Why? Because he was sent off n the previous game against Arsenal. What for? For this lovely tackle below. But I1m sure he doesn’t want to injure other players.

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