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Posted: April 17, 2023

Updated: April 17, 2023

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Now that the brand new Pokémon game is out, it’s time to talk about the Pokémon SV betting markets. This means that we are going to discover the possibilities of wagering on Pokémon. There are three general methods to do that. To wait for an alternative Tournament by Nintendo, or to bet on the Pokémon UNITED World Championship and the PokémonGO Championship. I will explain everything you need to know about these betting markets.

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This article seeks to introduce you to the most relevant Pokémon SV betting markets. This means that I am going to explain how to find the odds. Furthermore, we will discover both sides of the newest Pokémon games. Because Pokémon is no longer a single-player game. There is a whole team e-sport dedicated to the franchise. And this is not everything. Because the moment they fix the early bugs of Pokémon SV, it will slowly start to be implemented into online play.

Which shows us the format of the future Pokémon games you will be able to bet on. Register at most of the online sportsbook sites in the US. Because you want to catch the odds once they are released. In the article, you will find a Pokémon SV review with a general introduction to Pokémon at sportsbooks. Bet for real cash on your favorite Pokémons today.

The Upcoming Pokémon SV Betting Markets

Let me start this article off by saying that there are no available markets on SV. However, you can still bet on Pokémon Go and of course on the Pokémon United World Championship odds. This means that these are still relevant eSports that are running simultaneously with the new releases. It is undeniable that the amazing innovations from the new game will be implemented into both games in one way or another.

Keep in mind that you should register at Bovada Sportsbook to be able to find the most relevant odds. Because they always host the most interesting markets for the game. You are going to be able to bet on the upcoming World Championship where the most serious Pokémon teams are going to face off against each other for the different tiers of the prize pool that’s $500,000. 

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Review

Now that we know what to expect, it’s safe to move on to the most important part. Because the new game is out and it’s amazing. You should look out for the Pokémon SV betting markets whenever they are released. In the new game, we are no longer playing pixelated characters running in uncertain grasses. We are running in a 3D world where we can ride a motorcycle and even fly.

Furthermore, there are two new additions to this game. For one, Pokémon are no longer hunting you. Instead, you can see the wild Pokémons approach and combat them. Second, your Pokémons no longer need you to start using spells. They can attempt to automatically fight the Wild Pokémon. No more annoying random encounters. According to Pokemon Scarlet Violet, there are 36 new pokémons. Including the new starters:

  • Sprigatito
  • Fuecoco
  • Quaxly

Is The New Game Worth It? – Pokémon SV Betting Markets

When you are reading about the new game, you will see different opinions. Because just like every game in our modern day, it is released with a bunch of bugs and optimization issues.

The main reason behind this is the fact that studios expect the quickest release with the fastest results. The game will get better soon thanks to the playtest and patches. According to Reddit, the majority of the community agrees that this is one of the greatest games.

Most of the community involving myself has found its way back thanks to this game. The fact that there are no more annoying random encounters is a game-changer. There are months left before you could hope to wager in any way or form on this game. For now, I recommend you play it and wait for the World Championship. 

Can You Bet On Pokémon SV?

Since I already answered and explained the question. The simple is no, you can not bet on the Pokémon SV betting markets yet. The game is way too fresh and it needs a lot of fixing before people should trust money on it. However, it is only a matter of months before you will see a prop about it. And in the worst-case scenario, you will be able to bet on the Tournaments. Because this game did not overwrite the eSport selection for Pokémon.

And if all else fails, we have an article to teach you how to play Pokémon GO betting. Because who wouldn’t like to bet on one of the biggest tournaments anime and video gaming have ever seen? Just merely ten years ago people hoped to battle against each other with Pokémon. And nowadays, it is all real as we can catch Pokémon and join tournaments. And if you are bad at it? Just wager on the players.

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The United World Championship

Now that we have discussed most of the Pokémon SV betting markets. Let me introduce you to an actual bet which you can wager on. The aforementioned game is called Pokémon UNITE. The Pokémon UNITE World Championship is a unique eSport where Pokémon trainers team up to compete against each other. This way they can apply a combination of attacks or even use strategies to defeat the opponent. According to Liquipedia, the following teams have participated in the last year:

  • Orangutan
  • Renaissance (3rd placement)
  • Revenant Esport
  • IClen, Xis
  • BLVKHVND (Winner)
  • IX Gaming
  • Nouns Esports (Uprunner)
  • Apprentice Unleashed
  • Secret Ship
  • T2
  • No Show
  • Eternity.

In conclusion, we can expect the first three places to show up once more. However, new teams and new regions will show up as the game progresses.

Where To Find The Pokémon SV Betting Markets

Finally, let me recommend you register at Bovada Sportsbook if you wish to place a bet on the Pokémon UNITED World Championship. Because the moment the teams are announced they are going to release the odds on the event.

It usually begins during the Summer. This means you have some time to prepare yourself if you are a fellow enthusiast. And if Pokémon is not your thing? That’s alright. Because I have collected the best mobile eSports to bet on for you to search and experiment on.

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