Poker App to Help Players With an Apple Device Improve their Skills

The latest app to help poker enthusiasts improve their game has just been released for all Apple mobile products.

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The application is called “Insta Poker” and is available for download on the Apple App Store in iPod, iPad, and iPhone versions. The program is fully compliant with American gambling laws as well as the majority of worldwide gaming regulations.

Created by Gamoz Inc., “Insta Poker” features poker play instructions and advice from renowned pros Huck Seed and Antonio Esfandiari. Essentially the app features text messages popping up, each time players acts in a poker game, which comment on whether they made the correct decision and why.

The application is a great training program, which most certainly will improve any player’s game and subsequently their performance in any American poker room. “Insta Poker” praises and rewards poker fans not simply for winning a hand, but rather for showing an intelligent gameplay.

The app is providing members with cards and other players profiles, and allows them to make a decision when to check, fold, or raise. Each decision is presented in a multiple-choice manner, and there is also more than one option for each raise.

Each correct move is followed by a round of applause and 3 “ProCoins”, used to buy new hands. In case players make a good selection, but not the best in a given situation, they will be 2 coins richer. Making a bad one brings no coins, but the application will let players know why that was a not acceptable move. Players receive one more chance to choose or there’s an option that the game will continue as is the correct choice was made.

Amos Barzilay, CEO of Gamoz, says “Insta Poker” was designed for all types of poker players: the ones frequenting Vegas Strip and the ones sharing an occasional laugh at a poker table with their friends. He was quoted by United States gambling news saying: “It’s for people who care about strategy and winning.”

Konstantin Othmer, one of the “Insta Poker” developers, thinks that virtually all poker fans “think they’re good, but obviously a very small percentage of people are winning players. If you love strategy, you’ll love (“Insta Poker”) because you have pros like Huck Seed who reveal their strategies, something you don’t get on TV. The hands in the game are real hands that took place in televised tournaments or at other high-stakes games.”

The game packs range from 99 cents to $6.99, where the latter consists of 15 hands, but there’s also a completely free game pack for the ones not really sure if they could use the program or not and need some time to test the product. Additionally, one hand in every game pack can be viewed for free.

Insta Poker” allows players to replay hands at any time, however they will always stay the same. In any case repeating a good move over and over is a good strategy to master the strategy of the game. So far, the app is only compatible with iOS devices, and there’s no information on the Android version release date.

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