Poker Challenge in Norway Remains Open

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Norwegian poker expert Ola “Odd Oddsen” Amundsgaard keeps alive his poker challenge to members of parliament until May 2014.

The major purpose of his challenge is to demonstrate that poker is a game mostly of skill and not a game of luck. He wants to play against any lawmaker in the country willing to accept the gage.

The poker genius aims to prove that the definition of gambling applies to poker and the game should be regulated by Norwegian gambling laws.

The announced award is one million kroner ($170,000) promised by Amundsgaard if his opponent wins.

Not many politicians willing to accept the challenge

After the poker defeat of Erlend Wiborg, Norwegian politician, who took the challenge last year and quit the game after only a day of playing, there aren’t many volunteers for his place.

Wiborg comment on the game was: “”Ola was simply too tough. His superior skills clearly showed, and I didn’t have a chance. No million for me, but we clearly demonstrated the core principle here, namely that poker is a skill game.”

This observation didn’t change anything regarding the status of the poker game, so Amundsgaard announced again his challenge in the gambling news giving the parameters: a Heads-Up freeroll of 10,000 hands, minimum of 20 hours a month of poker and one million kroner award if his opponent wins.

Hopefully, the poker pro will be able to prove his point and initiate real debate on the issue, resulting in positive outcome for the status of poker in Norway.

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