Poker Player Cyril Mouly and Friend Assaulted

  • Cyril Mouly was out, partying and having fun
  • He was about to leave the party and go home
  • Someone assaulted both him and his driver
  • The driver did not make it unfortunately
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French poker player Cyril Mouly and his driver were returning home from a party in Paris when someone attacked them.

One of the attackers was carrying a knife. According to recent articles published in French gambling news, as well as posts on poker forum 2+2, the incident happened as he was returning home from a party in Paris.

Mouly and his driver struggled to fend off the attackers during the assault. As his companion jumped to his aid, he managed to run towards the nearest police station, but by the time he got back it was too late. He found his friend lying motionless on the ground. The victim had received several stab wounds to his chest and neck.

Cyril Mouly – A Bad Poker Player, with a Shady Past

Both the Frenchman and his companion have a shady reputation in the business world. Rumor has that the police have known his driver for a long time. He’s a 60 year-old man. Both were on trial for fraud.

Apart from that, the 38 year-old high-stake poker player is a well-known figure in French poker rooms. He participated in a tournament held in Las Vegas, as well as in the Full Tilt Poker Million Dollar Cash Game. His reputation is not the best though. Mouly is a famously bad player with a lot of money. Police suspect the reason for the attack may have been due to the man’s suspicious past.

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