Poker Professional Connor Drinan Loses $1 million on Single Hand

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Drinan chose to play aggressively early-on; he was punished by having his entire bankroll wiped out in a single hand.

Talk about bad beats. At the most recent World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas poker professional Connor Drinan took a $1 million hit on single hand. The event will go down as one of the worst tournament collapses in American poker room history.

Opponent Cary Katz raised pre-flop, at which point Drinan felt confident enough to go all in. The two players laid their hands bare on the table, and surprisingly enough both revealed pocket aces. A head-to-head showdown ensued.

While their pockets matched, the outcome of this hand would come down to a flush. Two hearts were revealed on the flop, which played into Katz’s favor. But no stress for Drinan, because the chances of him landing a flush were minimal. The hand looked to end in a draw, with the two players splitting the pot.

Drinan goes from millionaire to empty-pocketed

Miraculously for Katz the river and turn both revealed hearts, giving him the flush that topped Drinan’s pair. He mopped up Drinan’s tears, with the latter understandably sauntering away from the table in a dejected manner.

Sometimes gambling news means bad news. Drinan went from holding a million dollars tin his hand to leaving with nothing. Said the commentator: “that might be the worst beat in the history of tournament poker.”

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