Poker Stars Proves It Operated Spanish Online Poker Legally

Poker Stars won court case against Codere saying they conducted illegal online gambling.

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A Barcelona court has made a legal decision in favor of online gambling operator Poker Stars. The court rejected claims brought by Spain-based multi-national gaming company Codere, accusing Poker Stars of operating illegally against the Spanish gambling laws in the country prior to the new online regulation.

The Barcelona court found that Poker Stars had indeed operated lawfully in the country prior to attaining its Spanish online casino license. The judge emphasized that the regulation at that given time meant there was no relevant regulation or law preventing such activity.

Paul Telford of Group General Counsel commented: “This ruling confirms the legal advice we have been given and which we have followed in Spain for years.”

Telford added: “We are very pleased the court agreed with our position and look forward to continuing to provide our licensed Spanish online poker services as the leading brand on the Spanish market.”

Antonio Vazquez-Guillen Poker Stars’ counsel for the case from the law firm Allen & Overy commented: “The Barcelona court judgment is absolutely clear in its conclusion that Poker Stars has always operated in Spain according to the law.”

Vazquez-Guillen added: “We are very happy with this outcome. It clarifies a question that, in our view, should never have been brought to a Court of Justice.”

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