PokerStars Makes The Spare Time Between World Cup Games Profitable

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PokerStars has been in the business long enough to know that when the World Cup time comes, something special needs to be done for all fans of both football and poker.

Therefore, one of the most famous online poker sites, which follow US gambling laws , joined the football fiesta offering exclusive summer promotion, worth over $1.7 million.

The main details

The Football Fever is truly amazing opportunity to win big and fill in the spare time between the World Cup games with poker games that can bring big cash in players’ homes. In order to be completely according to the current trend, PokerStars suggests to its players to change their avatar to their national flag or the flag of the team they support, so that all games carry the football spirit.

PokerStars offers amazing promotion during the World Cup tournament
• The Football Fever has a prize pool of over $1.7 million

• The amazing deal has three main elements – daily challenges, Mission week and phased tournament

• The final’s stage prizepool is $1 million

This crazy good deal has three main elements – daily challenges, Mission week and at the end phased tournament with the fabulous $1 million prizepool.

The Football Fever will run until the end of the World Cup tournament in mid July and PokerStars players will have the chance to enjoy not only the actual football games, but also the countless non-time restricted challenges and win over $500,000 in free prizes.

In order for the tournament to be even more exciting and relevant, all the challenges offered in the US poker rooms part of the website, will be connected to different World Cup games. Games like the All-in Shootouts will give players from different countries the chance to grab the amazing $10,000.

Variety of winning opportunities

Moreover, there will additionally be very special selection of Missions, which if players manage to complete will earn them part of the extra $225,000 prize pool.

The end of the Football Fever promotion will be put with the fantastic $1 million guaranteed Phased Tournament. It will have two parts, Phase 1 and Phase 2, and the opening session will cost $27 to enter, with five starting flights every day until July 6th at 05.25, 10.25, 13.25, 16.25 and 19.25 ET.

All players will have the opportunity to play as many Phase 1 tournaments as they want until they succeed in winning a seat in the next round.

Furthermore, all players who reach Phase 2 will until July 6th when the final winner will bring home the largest portion of the outstanding prizepool of more than $1 million.

Football and poker together

The connection between poker and football is definitely new, as there are many stars from both fields that enjoy the pleasures of both games.

The most recent example came from top Brazilian football stars from the past – Ronaldo and Bebeto, who met at a poker table, thanks to PokerStars, which initiated the game, while promoting its poker mobile application in Brazil.

The two Brazilian stars that helped their team bring the 1994 World Cup trophy home played against each other, and as Bebeto explained he wanted to play Texas hold’em hands in heads up against Ronaldo, in order to see for himself that poker is really as amazing as his former teammate insists.

He said: “He [Ronaldo] tells me that [poker] is a sport based not on luck, but on a lot of strategic thinking, so it makes me curious to understand the game more.”

On the other hand, Ronaldo already knows the virtues of poker, as he is member of Team PokerStars SportStar and proves that he’s a virtuoso not only on the football field, but also at the poker table.

He commented: “I play poker almost daily. I have been travelling around the world playing poker, visiting lots of countries and taking part in some important tournaments.”

It is very interesting that Ronaldo was not aware of the fact that he’ll play against Bebeto, as PokerStars organized the event in a way the opponents stayed mysterious, hidden behind a dark curtain, therefore the surprise was complete and very successful.

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