Police Catch Two Dutch Casino Robbers of Flamingo in Purmerend

Police quickly apprehended two men suspected of robbing the Flamingo Dutch Casino in Purmerend.

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Police last night arrested two men on suspicion of armed robbery, illegal under Dutch gambling laws, at the Flamingo Casino on Canal 8 in Purmerend.

According to online gambling news in Netherlands, the two men walked inside the casino at 11.30 in the evening brandished firearms and ordered the 30 or so Dutch gamblers to lie down on the dirty casino floor.

Gretchen, who normally played online bingo games in Netherlands, said it was the most disgusting experience of her life and that she plans to exclusively ‘play online where it is safe and comfortable.’

The robbers, after grabbing the money, jumped into a white Audi. The police were notified and a police helicopter shortly located the getaway car on the A7. The robbers ditched the car and fled on foot.

The police using search dogs and with the helicopter circling around quickly located the two men hiding in a field behind the Zaanse museum.

A 24 year old man from Haarlem and a 44 year old from Rotterdam were arrested and charged with robbery.

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