Seven Foreigners Arrested For Breaking Saudi Arabia Gambling Laws

Seven foreigners were arrested in Jeddah for running illegal gambling and lottery business in violation of Saudi Arabia gambling laws.

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Common sense dictates that there are certain things that just shouldn’t be done in certain places around the world because the consequences are just too well known: Smuggling drugs in Thailand; swimming with sharks covered in sun tan lotion made from seal fat; trick-or-treating in south-central Los Angeles dressed in a KKK outfit; starting an illegal lottery and casino in Saudi Arabia.

According to online gambling news in Saudi Arabia, seven Indian and Pakistani nationals apparently decided to start a secret lottery and ‘gambling den’ in the city of Jeddah, which is definitely a violation Saudi Arabian gambling laws which are considered the strictest in the world.

It didn’t take long for the secret police to sniff out the gambling den, monitor the gamblers, gather evidence and eventually swoop down upon the gamblers and arrest the whole lot.

Citizens and foreign workers secretly play at foreign based online casino in Saudi Arabia but never reveal this secret even to their closest friends.

Brig. Misfer Al-Juaid, the Jeddah police spokesman explained – “Officers were able to track several members of the gambling racket. A raid on the location was made resulting in the arrests of all the suspects, and revealed several other connections to this illegal activity.

According to police sources the gamblers gathered in secret during weekend nights to gamble as well as buy and sell lottery tickets. Police suspect they are a part of a large ring involved in ‘many illegal activities.’

“Police investigators with cooperation from Jeddah’s secret police were monitoring the suspects’ hideout for a while. The arrested suspects are of mainly Indian and Pakistani nationalities. All suspects confessed to their crime and all will face criminal charges and possible jail time,” Al-Juaid added.

When Brig. Al-Juaid says ‘possible jail time’, he is NOT talking about Option (a) – A large fine, and Option (b)- Possible jail time. What he means is Option (a) – Beheading, stoning, chopping off body parts and Option (b) Possible life imprisonment after being caned or whipped to an inch of your life.

Whichever the case may be, it is unlikely a bright future awaits these 7 men who gambled and lost.

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