Report Linking Red Light District Casinos to Mafia Groups – a Mistake

Fifteen years after linking Red Lights District gambling in Netherlands to 14 criminal groups, professor apologizes for wrong conclusions.

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According to online gambling news in Netherlands, fifteen years after linking all Red Lights District gambling in Amsterdam to 14 organized crime groups in a research study, the professor apologizes for making the wrong conclusions.

The Dutch Professor, apologized for a 15 year old research study, and says he now ‘regrets his conclusions’ which is most likely not music to the ears of those wrongly accused.

“Woopsie Daisy! Sorry I called you gangsters and money launderers, but heck, I was young, confused, trying to find myself. No hard feelings? Sorry about the indictments, the trials, the ruined reputations, divorces, bankruptcies that you guys had to go through. Its history though. Water under the bridge. We are only human, right? Let bygones be bygones. Friends?” 

The influential report was used in a number of criminal cases as well as government policy and influenced current Dutch gambling laws.

For many years the report was used as one of the reasosn to forbid online casinos in Netherlands and to justify the existence of the Holland casino monopoly.

The bogus study claimed that 14 organized crime groups have a strangle hold over all gambling in the Red Light District where millions of guilders in illicit profits were being laundered through seedy gambling establishments.

In a nutshell, the nutty professor placed every evil, depravity and criminal activity known to man squarely inside gambling establishments in the Red Lights District where only law abiding hookers grinded out their salaries from servicing stoned tourists.

Now the professor says that he was young, impressionable, and after drinking, gambling and sampling the goods of the Red Lights District, he began to believe the mumblings of opium addicts, the whispers of tourists under the influence of magic mushrooms, and late night gangster television shows.

Based on this evidence, he wrote his masterpiece which resulted in arrests, upturned lives and all kinds of horrible consequences for the innocent people pulled into the nutty professor’s imaginary world.

A new study was recently conducted which conclusively showed that organized crime does not control any of the Red Light District casinos, which are in fact owned by a respectable group of Russian businessmen and their Sicilian and Corsican business partners.

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