Police Raid Betting Racket in India

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With not legal gambling establishments, players turn to underground operators

The Task Force Police in India arrested 11 people and confiscated RUP 58,000 during a raid last Thursday. The betting racket primarily served wagers on cricket matches, which is a violation of Indian gambling laws. The arrested men are Mohd Abdul Khadeer, Shaik Mohammed Ghouse, Shaik Shameer Basha, Shaik Imran, G Kiran Kumar, V Dharma Raju, P Vamshi Krishna, Patan Mohammad Khan, Abdul Imran, Shaik Chand Pasha and Shaik Basha.

The official report stated that the men began taking bets as a scheme to make quick money. They rented an apartment and began taking cricket bets via telephone. The men had been in business for roughly one year.

Should India legalize betting?

There have been numerous betting scandals in India recently, including the case of a Malaysian crime syndicate attempting to bribe Indian football managers and players. This has led to call for a modern regulatory framework to minimize the social harm of betting.

Gamblers and bettors are pushed into underground establishments because of the non-existence of legal gambling operators. Legalizing and licensing sportsbooks and land-based and online casinos in India would give the government the capacity to regulate them, preventing problems like underage gambling, money laundering and tax evasion.

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