Polish Gambling Laws to Be Amended


Posted: June 30, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

Authorities in Poland have drafted a new proposal to liberalize the state’s online gambling market.

Good news for companies offering internet gambling in Poland. Local authorities are in the process of improving the country’s legislation by taking a more liberal approach to licensing.

The government has drafted an amendment to the current Polish gambling laws concerning the licensing process. If the bill passes, it will be easier for foreign operators to apply and obtain the right to run online and mobile casinos in the country.

The initiative comes after the European Commission expressed concerns about Poland’s online regulations and asked state authorities to revise them.

Foreign firms to launch online casinos in Poland

Along with Poland, several other countries have received warnings to amend their legislation in order to be in compliance with EU laws, which state that every member of the union has to grant free movement of services.

The new draft eliminates the obstacles that made it difficult for foreign operators to cater to Polish players, as previous regulations restricted their presence on the local gambling market. Now online and mobile casino firms licensed in the EU will be able to provide services in Poland, provided they pay taxes to the state.

Applications and additional documents will have to be submitted in Polish.

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