MPs Go Online All The Time

British MPs are facing embarrassing questions after Freedom of Information request reveals their browsing habits

Despite there being 8 bars in the House of Commons alone, a fair deal more for the peers, it would appear that rather than spending all their time drinking at subsidized prices, members of parliament spend all their time online.

Under a freedom of information request details were gained into the online habits of those that claim to represent us with the trivia website being accessed 19,345 times, 25,779 times and 86,157 times.

That means between the January of 2013 and 2014 there were 3,844,636 attempts to access gaming websites from Parliamentary IT servers. This probably makes them the biggest users of online casinos in the UK and will surprise a great many who thought their MPs spent all their time fiddling their expenses claims and trying to get on television.

Porn Less Popular Than Planting

To put that gaming site figure in context, there were only 300,000 attempts to access pornography, barely 10% of the gaming numbers, although the site Out Of Town Affairs did get 52,375 hits so I suppose they might not need the porn.

Of course these being politicians the rubbishing of the figures began immediately with a spokesman trying to blame pop-up ads for the numbers in a manner not unlike someone getting over gambling addiction blaming alien teleport technology for his being at a blackjack table.

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