Polish Tax Authorities Set Sights On Illegal Online Gamblers

Posted: November 14, 2014

Updated: June 4, 2017

Illegal online betting gamblers in Poland are being zeroed-in on by the Szczecin Tax Chambers.

A nation-wide crackdown in Poland on online gamblers who play illegally is now underway. A suspected record number of 17,000 people are being tracked down by the Szczecin Tax Chambers, based in North West Poland.

According to the Szczecin Tax Chambers, gamblers who are residents of Poland know very well that they are infringing the Polish gambling laws. STC asserted that the Polish versions of the portals on which the gamblers register, specify in the terms and conditions, that only Polish immigrants can gamble online.

However, STS Betting Firm spokesman, Pawel Rabantek, contended the accusation. He points out that the residents who go to online gambling sites in Poland may not know that they are betting illegally.

Players found guilty could serve jail time of up to 3 years. And that’s not all, they could also be fined, forced to give back their dividends and pay hefty court defense fees.

According to Rabantek, the guilty ones are the gaming companies who conduct their business without the proper licences in Poland. Felonious betting portals make up ninety per cent of online betting activity in Poland.

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