Possible Full Smoking Ban in Casinos in Macau Will be Discussed

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The Legislative Assembly in Macau will debate possible changes to the tobacco control law in April, advising the government to introduce immediately full smoking ban in casinos.

Ella Lei Cheng I, who launched the initiative, commented that the partial smoking ban, which was implemented in 2013, in casinos following Chinese gambling laws, was unsatisfactory, because of “the lenient supervision by the government.”

Future changes

Lei commented for the gambling news that the Assembly should discuss “whether there should be immediate revision to the law to implement a full smoking ban in gaming venues in order to protect the occupational safety of gaming employees.”

She added that casino workspaces environment was “even worse” for the employees, before the partial ban.

Currently, smoking is permitted in areas, which occupy no more than half of the floor space of all the gaming venues.

The Health Bureau said that soon it will initiate a program, which will ban smoking on the mass-market gaming floor with the exception of smoking rooms, which don’t have gaming tables or slot machines.

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