Premier League Betting At Its Best As Arsenal Take On Villa

Arsenal vs Aston Villa

Aston Villa vs Arsenal
• Arsenal 11/20
• Aston Villa 5/1
• Draw 16/5

Arsenal broke their duck by finally beating Olympiakos, sealing their second place in Group F of the Champions League, and whilst that three-nil demolition will put the Wenger boys on a high Aston Villa’s disastrous luck has to change at some point, so are they the choice to be made when you go Premier League betting this weekend?

Premier League
betting doesn’t get much easier than picking Arsenal to beat Aston Villa. There’s an old people’s home for blind quadriplegics which could field a team that would beat Aston Villa this season, their record so appallingly bad that Premier League relegation doesn’t just beckon but has booked a table, hired a band and sent out engraved invitations so everyone can watch. With just six points from all their Premier League games so far, Aston Villa are already history.

The thing is, Premier League fixtures are never sure things, and indeed the tradition of giant-killing is well known and Arsenal will have to be careful they don’t fall foul of their own rightful confidence and a surprising moment or two of good fortune from Aston Villa whose poor luck, if not their Premier League standings, has to change at some point, if only to give them that small ray of hope they’ll need to clutch at as they are mercilessly doomed to drop out of the top flight of UK football.

There’s Nothing Better Than Premier League Betting

Arsenal vs Aston Villa (Video: YouTube)

Arsenal will, naturally, want to take home all three points and head back to the top of the Premier League table, but having made such a meal of their Champions League qualification, losing their first three matches, their vulnerabilities are all too evident and there’s nothing to say it won’t be Aston Villa that gets to benefit from the inevitable upset? Sure it’s a gamble but as Premier League betting tips go it’s worth a punt at the very least, especially at the odds the bookies are giving.

Bet365, one of the top UK online sportsbooks, has all the Premier League betting opportunities you need and they’re offering a suspiciously short 5/1 on Villa to pull off a miracle and just 11/20 on the Gunners to win with a draw an almost attractive 16/5. Despite UK gambling laws not permitting wagers on human suffering you can still bet on Arsenal to win, but Aston Villa can’t keep losing forever, can they?

Last time they met in the Premier League Arsenal battered Villa 5-0, and when they met each other in the FA Cup final (the last time Villa even appeared to be a football team) they did it again 4-0, so will they get 3-0 this time for verisimilitude? Here’s the action from that FA Cup final, make up your own mind, but I’m backing a Villa surprise.
It has to happen sometime.

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