Premier League Wagers To Savor – Spurs Vs Chelsea

Spurs vs Chelsea

Spurs vs Chelsea
• Spurs 7/5
• Chelsea 19/10
• Draw 5/2

There’s nothing like a London derby amongst Premier League fixtures to provide for exciting games of football but as Tottenham host Chelsea this Sunday will this be one of the most difficult Premier League wagers of the weekend?

On the face of it this is one of the easiest Premier League games to predict with Tottenham unbeaten so far this season and Chelsea apparently content to beat themselves over the head with whatever comes to hand. A four-nil win against a team from Israel (that well known center of footballing excellence) in the Champions League doesn’t make up for their ongoing issues.

Tottenham’s only draw in their last five games came from an away game against Arsenal, a game in which Arsene Wenger’s Premier League players hardly excelled themselves, and their last London deby against West Ham resulted in five Premier League goals, four of them for Spurs. So does this mean we’re looking at a pasting for the Pensioners in the offing and the easiest of Premier League wagers?

Spurs; The Easiest Of Premier League Wagers This Weekend?

A look at the highlights from that exciting London derby that pitted Tottenham against West Ham last weekend (Video: YouTube)

Perhaps not. Chelsea might have got themselves caught up in more drama than the Royal Shakespeare Company at a Star Trek convention, but Mourinho’s mob will still have memories of Liverpool’s mullering of them 3-1 back in October to live down, and no one likes giving away goals to a team only 10 miles up the road, so you can expect them to go in fired up and ready to pull back some dignity and their postion in the Premier League standings.

Their win at home to Norwich wasn’t anywhere near as good as it should have been and whilst all Premier League predictions about Chelsea are subject to the somewhat random laws of Jose Mourinho’s mood swings, as Premier League wagers go the 7/5 being offered on Spurs at Bet365 might make it well worth taking advantage of UK gambling laws to have a flutter.

Chelsea are getting a rather mean 19/10, and even that is ebbing away from them, with a draw looking like the bet with the best odds at 5/2……but who is going to waste one of their Premier League wagers on such a dull result? I won’t, and nor should you. Tottenham will take this one, even if not by much, their Premier League results this season so far pretty much prove it.

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