President Trump Cabinet Members Betting Predictions: Who will be Forced to Resign in 2019?

  • Mike Pompeo joked Trump will fire him via a tweet
  • VP Mike Pence is the only person Trump cannot fire
  • Betsy DeVos has been under fire after defunding special olympics
resident Trump Cabinet Members Betting Predictions
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President Trump’s era has generated a great deal of attention on the rate of turnover among top cabinet members. Every month since Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, somebody from his inner circle is forced out. For 2019, Trump cabinet members betting predictions name Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Betsy DeVos as likely to resign.

Before he became the US president, Donald Trump was famous for dismissing contestants on his TV show “The Apprentice”. He enjoyed throwing his infamous quote “You are Fired”. After arriving to the Oval Office, Trump continued his firing habit. Just this April, the New York Times reported Trump forcing both Randolph Alles and Kristjen Nielson out.

At online sportsbook news in the US we have all recently saw some influential people resigning under Trump’s pressure. Jim Mattis the secretary of defence, and John Kelly the White House chief of staff have resigned in December 2018. In addition, Jeff Sessions the attorney general, and Nikki Haley the UN ambassador stepped down in November and October 2018. According to Trump cabinet members betting predictions, nobody is safe, even his closest friends. So what about Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, John Bolton, and Betsy DeVos, will they step down in 2019?

Mr. Pompeo joked Trump will tweet him out

On March 2018, President Trump has chosen the former CIA director Mike Pompeo to replace Mr. Tillerson as Secretary of State. Just one year later, the speculations are rising on his political future. Mr. Pompeo has joked on March 18 that he would be in the secretary of state role until President Trump fires him via a tweet. It is hard to guess when the next firing tweet will come out. However, the odds are +1000 at Unibet Sportsbook for Mr. Pompeo’s name to be among this year’s list.

VP Mike Pence the only person Trump cannot fire

The Vice President Mike Pence is one of the most influential figures in the White House. He is also one of the most powerful Republican leaders. Before being elected as VP, he served as Indiana governor, and as the chair of the House Republican Conference. VP Mike Pence ran on the same ticket as President Trump, which means he is the only person who Trump cannot fire. The only way to oust Mike Pence is via a vote in Congress, and there is no sign for such thing to happen, despite the +500 odds.

John Bolton will hold on but not for long

Mr. Bolton, known for his walrus mustache, happens to be Trump’s national security adviser. He is the third appointed adviser after General McMaster resigned and Michael Flynn was fired. Thus, some foreign policy analysts thought Mr. Bolton will not even reach the one-year mark of his tenure. However, he is still holding on but it is unclear for how much longer. Online sportsbook sites in the US suggest Mr. Bolton will step down some time this year with +800 odds.

Betsy DeVos under fire after defunding special Olympics

The current education secretary Betsy DeVos was confirmed after she had a very bad performance during the confirmation hearing in January 2017. She was not a supporter of Trump during the 2016 Republican primaries, rather her family gave money for Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. What is more, she has been under fire only recently, after President Trump decided to defund the special Olympics program. Therefore, Betsy DeVos sits on top of Trump committee members betting predictions and odds to be fired this year with +800.

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