Proposed Casino in Tahiti Doesn’t Sound Like a Promising Plan

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In efforts to save the ailing economy and once again set Tahiti as a great tourist destination, the government of French Polynesia plans to build a casino and resort.

According to gambling news, a planned $3 billion integrated resort and casino is viewed by the local authorities as the key to improve the current downturn in economic activity. The government believe that a great gaming facility would help revive tourist number, while numerous jobs would also be created across different areas associated with the project.

However, some members of the opposition have expressed strong disapproval of the proposed gaming facility. Oscar Temaru has served as President of the French Polynesia on five occasions and he is convinced that a casino would not lead to improved measures in the economy of Tahiti.

Political undercurrents for the planned casino?

Oscar Temaru is highly involved with the local churches in the tropical island of Tahiti. He plans to have a march with church representatives to express their protest against the massive casino and resort undertaking. The government of French Polynesia follows some examples set by French gambling laws, so they are trying to get more revenue with this pursuit.

The editor of Tahiti Pacifique magazine, Alex Du Prel, voiced his opinion that the ambitious project has considerable political motivations. “I wouldn’t qualify it as a pure propaganda but it is definitely a political move to announce all this. It is to project an image to say ‘we the government, we do things, we move ahead’ and so on.”

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