PSG Will Not Appeal Against UEFA Decision

Ibrahimovic faces a ban

Ibrahimovic was given a controversial red card in the Champions League against Chelsea, but his appeal will not be accepted.

Paris Saint-Germain wanted to appeal against Bjorn Kuipers’, the Dutch referee, decision because the club felt the sending off of their striker immediately was too harsh of a punishment. The Swedish striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has clashed with Chelsea attacker Oscar in a tough tackle, which resulted in the toughest ruling.

A red card in the Champions League means the player who received it will have to miss his team’s next game. In addition, online gambling sites in EU report that he can be banned from several more Champions League matches. Meanwhile, UEFA says appealing against red cards is only possible if the referee has mistaken the person who has made the foul.

PSG will accept a one match ban

declared that they will not appeal against the Dutch referee’s decision if their striker is punished by a 1-match ban. They will, however persue the judgement in case UEFA wants to ban him for additional matches. After the clash, Ibrahimovic told the reporters that he was trying to pull out of the tackle and he also added that he felt like he was playing against babies.

Paris Saint-Germain
have qualified for the next round of the Champions League due to scoring more goals away. They eliminated a great favourite for winning the title, but they are still not regarded as a serious contender, according to online sportsbooks in EU. Bet365 have set the odds for the Parisian team’s triumph at 11.00 (10/1).

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