Quick Predictions & Betting Odds for December 30 NHL Games

Posted: December 30, 2015

Updated: December 30, 2015

This is one of the last batch of hockey games you can bet on before the New Year, and GamingZion has the best odds for December 30 NHL games!

If you like to bet on sports in Canada and want to make a few wagers before ringing in 2016, look no further than GamingZion’s predictions and odds for December 30 NHL games. Our analyses of select matches feature odds from one of the best places to bet on NHL online, GTbets!

Buffalo Sabres vs Washington Capitals

Buffalo vs Washington

The Capitals will easily win this one

The Buffalo Sabres are headed to the American capital to play against the Capitals tonight. This is their second match-up against Washington, following Monday’s 2-0 home defeat. Their offense was the main culprit in their loss. At 13th in power play conversions and 26th in scoring (2.3 gpg), they didn’t stand a chance against Capitals goalie Braden Holtby.

In opposition, the elite Washington Capitals are one of the best teams in the league right now. While they have their pick of prize players, Holtby—who holds an incredible 23-5 with a 1.85 GAA—and forward Alexander Ovechkin really shined in the last match up with the Sabres. The team’s stats are near impossible to beat at 2nd in the league in scoring (3.1 gpg), 2nd in power play conversions, 4th in penalty kill, and 1st in goals allowed (2.1 gpg).

Everyone knows it: Unless the Sabres magically improve their offense, they’re apt to suffer the same fate tonight that they suffered on Monday. Linus Ullmark is a pretty good goalie so we think it’s safe to gamble on under 5 for 2.00 (1/1), but you’d be practically throwing away money if you did any internet betting on the Sabres winning 3.05 (41/20).

Prediction: Washington Capitals win 1.42 (21/50)

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Toronto vs Pittsburgh

Could Toronto win?

The Toronto Maple Leafs weren’t a great team last year or at the start of the 2015/2016 season, but Canada gambling news reports that they’re showing significant improvements. While their overall season average for scoring is 2.53 gpg, they hold 4.0 gpg in their last eight games, and now rank 19th in the league. Their defense has gotten a little better as well, but it’s their offense that’s making the big changes.

For the Pittsburgh Penguins, it’s the opposite story. While their defense is solid—they’re 9th in the league in goals allowed (2.4 gpg) and 7th in the league in power play conversions—they’re ranked a pitiful 28th in scoring (2.2 gpg). Let’s hope that new coach Mike Sullivan can help elevate the offensive end.

Most odds for December 30 NHL games point towards the Penguins winning this one—GTbets has them on offer at 1.61 (61/100)—but we’re actually going to go with the underdogs. The Leafs’ offense is really making an effort and we think they have a real shot at outshining the Penguins’, which is lackluster at best.

Prediction: Toronto Maple Leafs win 2.45 (29/20)

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