Kyrgyzstan Gambling Ban Fails Spectacularly

Kyrgyzstan gambling ban failure

The Ministry of Economy finally admits that the Kyrgyzstan gambling ban was a failure, four years after the law was made.

In Kyrgyzstan gambling news, government officials have acknowledged that the Kyrgyzstan gambling ban—while “guided by good intentions”—has been a complete and utter failure. Officials admitted that the ban “has led not to [gambling’s] stoppage, but to its movement into the shadows,” and that the government cannot stop the spread of underground casinos and “gaming machines rooms.”

Officials went on to say that the Kyrgyzstan gambling ban has resulted in an increase in “the development of criminal organizations” as well as “increased corruption.” They also noted, somewhat mysterious, that “government bodies may enter into the sphere of influence” of said criminal organizations, which would lead to even more crime and corruption throughout the country.

To top things off, the government has also lost approximately 500 million soms ($6.6 million) per year in tax revenue as a result of the Kyrgyzstan gambling ban.

Officials don’t learn from Kyrgyzstan gambling ban mistakes

Along with its admittance of the results of the ill thought out Kyrgyzstan gambling ban, the Ministry of Economy announced that it will make up for its vast mistake by opening a legal gambling facility…But not for people who actually live in Kyrgyzstan.

In compliance with Kyrgyzstani gambling laws the planned facility would be for foreigners only, and would be located in an international trade and exhibition center just outside of Bishkek. The Ministry predicts that the project will raise at least $200 million, and that it will promote “tourism”, “the exchange of cultures,” and an increase in international investment.

That said, because this new facility is unavailable to Kyrgyzstani citizens, it will do absolutely nothing to stop the rampant crime, political corruption, and rapid growth of illegal casinos that the Ministry just admitted is taking place.

Alright then.

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