Rafael Nadal Beats Down Ronaldo at the Poker Table

Rafa Nadal is a world-class poker player. Ronaldo? Not so much. The stakes were $50,000 for Nadal’s

charity and an evening scrubbing dishes for the loser.

To add insult to injury, former Brazilian football star Ronaldo lost $50,000 at a poker table and was

reduced to spending the remainder of his night washing 400 plates. He also looks more than a few kilos

heavier than when he ran circles around opponents on the football pitch. How the mighty have fallen.

The game went down on November 18th in a British poker room, with the occasion being a fundraiser

for the Rafa Nadal foundation. Few things are more exciting than watching a Brazilian and a Spaniard

duke it out over a prize, but the Spaniard took home the cake.

Ronaldo a gracious loser

Rafa is almost as good at poker as he is at tennis, and has made gambling news by winning several

celebrity tournaments and appearing as a spokesman for PokerStars. He had little trouble asserting his

dominance at the table, making quick work of the amateurish Ronaldo.

Luckily for everyone involved, Ronaldo took the loss with a smile on his face, happy for the chance to

donate some of his vast fortune for a good cause. As for washing the dishes, we can imagine he wasn’t

so thrilled.

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