Raheem Sterling’s Next Club Bets: Will He Stay at Manchester City?

  • Man City has been banned from European football for 2 years
  • The club has appealed against FIFA's decision
  • Sterling might leave the club if the ban stands
Raheem Sterling's next club bets
Image source: Kamran Hussain / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

As everyone must have heard, Manchester City has been banned from European football competitions for two years after breaking financial fair play regulations. The club has appealed against the decision, but if it stays, several key players can leave the club, including Sterling. In the Raheem Sterling’s next club bets Real Madrid has the smallest odds. But the names of a few other major clubs are also mentioned. 

Sterling has joined Manchester City from Liverpool in 2015 and has been one of the best players since. He is still only 25, at the peak of his career. He might be open to new challenges outside of the Premier League as well. Not playing in any European club competition for the next two years might be a bit of a disappointing future for the striker, who is also a stable member of the English team. 

The Raheem Sterling’s next club bets predict a move to Real

In case, if Sterling would really leave City, his first option would be Real Madrid. At least that’s what online sportsbooks in the UK are thinking, and giving the smallest odds of 8.00. Sterling himself was mentioning Real in an interview not long ago, where he praised the Spanish club. But he didn’t say anything concrete, just posed with a Real and Man City shirt for a Spanish magazine. 

Of course, Real Madrid are one of the greatest clubs in the world. Many players from the Premier League have already joined it. Just think about Christiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale or more recently, Eden Hazard, who actually hasn’t been that successful yet in his new club. But Sterling might be a good choice, with his speed and technical skills, he could fit in the team and help them scoring goals. 

Other possible destinations

Raheem Sterling's next club bets
Logo of Paris Saint Germain – Image source: Flickr

Online gambling sites in the UK are also mentioning other top clubs, such as Paris Saint Germain and Bayern Munich as possible options. But all these other options have small chances really, as he never mentioned any of these clubs. There were no talks from these clubs either about Sterling’s possible signing, but if you think he can still choose one of them, the odds are 17.00 and 26.00 at the 1XBET Sportsbook

Joining another English club is even less likely in the Raheem Sterling’s next club bets. At first, he was already in Liverpool, which he left in a bit of a turmoil, not sure if he would be welcomed back warmly at the club. To join any other club at the moment would be a step back both professionally and probably financially as well for him.  There might not be many other clubs who can offer a higher salary than Manchester City. 

Sterling is actually likely to stay

So after reviewing everything, it is very likely that Sterling will stay at Man City, at least for now. As his agent said, Sterling is happy at City and not thinking about any transfer. Though these statements can change very rapidly sometimes. But if Guardiola’s staying, Sterling might do as well, unless a big offer arrives from somewhere south.

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