Rangers Fan Declares War on Betting Company

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Billy Hamilton made a bet on Rangers finishing the season without being beaten, but bookies claim they gave the wrong odds.

A new betting scandal is about to break out in Scotland, after a player is accusing betting company LoganBet of tricking him.

Billy Hamilton bet GBP 40 at odds of 33/1 on his favorite team finishing the season without being beaten and he could have won nearly GBP 1,400. But recent UK gambling news say the bookmakers refused to pay him, claiming that the odds were wrong.

Hamilton says he was planning to use his winnings to take his wife to Bali, where the pair would have celebrated his 50th birthday. The trip will have to wait, because LoganBet says the odds were wrong and the payout should only be GBP 600, at odds of 14/1.

A pricey mistake

The man has now taken his case to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service and is hoping for a favorable ruling.

“The bookmaker looked up the odds and came back with 33-1. I even got him to write it on my slip,”
Hamilton told reporters. “I put the bet on early so I’d get good odds. Another punter made the same bet at 33-1 and LoganBet honored it,” he added.

Company representatives said staff failed to inform the man of the mistake, so the full amount was paid; but this was not the case with Hamilton, they said, who was allegedly informed about the new odds a few days after placing his bet.

The scandal will probably make local players think twice before choosing what bookmakers to go to, when they want to bet on sports in the UK.

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