Vegas Casino to Open Gay Nightclub

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Vegas has had a thriving gay scene for years, but Bally’s is about to become the first casino to have its own gay nightclub.

While online casinos in America are booming in popularity, they will never match the entertainment experience found in land-based casino hubs like Vegas and Atlantic City.
These days Vegas is marketed as a city with something for everyone.

Bally’s has decided to put its money where its mouth is and become the first-ever Vegas casino to feature a gay nightclub. The club, Liaison, is the creation of legendary nightclub owner Victor Drai and creative director Eduardo Cordova and will emphasize luxury.

Drai views project as major political event

While the club is first and foremost a business venture, Drai sees it as a major symbol of LGBT rights:

“The importance of having a gay nightclub in a major hotel/casino on the strip is huge… It validates equality and demonstrates just how far we have progressed culturally… these are definitely exciting times in LGBT and Las Vegas history.”

American gambling laws and gay rights are parallel in some ways. The federal government takes a hands-off approach to both issues, allowing states to write their own rules. While Vegas has one of the country’s biggest gay nightlife scenes, don’t expect Nevada to legalize gay marriage anytime soon.

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