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Posted: April 25, 2023

Updated: April 25, 2023

  • The French Open is one of the four tennis majors
  • This year it'll take place between the 28th of May and the 11th of June

So let’s see the 2023 French Open odds! If you are familiar with tennis and betting on these sports you know very well that it’s an important tournament. Actually, it’s one of the four tennis majors and the second one in line. After the Australian Open, we just can’t wait for the French Open! In case you are totally new to tennis betting not that the French Open is sometimes called the Roland Garros so the two things are the same. Today we have brought to our tennis lovers the predictions for the next major tournament. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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2023 French Open Odds: A Bit More About the Tournament

In case you are interested in a short history of the tournament you’ll love this section. In case you know all about it you can skip it and just read the odds. 

So as you might guess from the name the French Open is played in French each year and it is hosted in Paris. As we mentioned before it is sometimes called h French Open sometime Roland Garros. The second one refers to the French aviator Roland Garros and the torunemnaten was named after him. In case you are interested in his person check out this article for more information. 

What is also interesting about the French Open is that until 1975 it was the only major that wasn’t played on a grass field. Of course now it’s not true. The tournament was first held in 1891 so it’s a pretty old one. (Worth noting that most of the major tennis tournaments have been held for at least 100 years.) So, all in all, it has a rich history and a great location if you love Europe and you can see only the best players at this event.

Garfia is the Frontrunner

So now let’s start talking about the 2023 French Open Odds! If you love tennis you know very well how exciting it’s to wait for the major tournaments. Summer is the time for tennis and we can’t wait to see our favorite players compete against each other!

Last year Rafael Nadal was the one to win the tournament and this year it’s still a huge question of who will be the champion. Although right now according to 22BET Sportsbook Garfia is the one with the best odds. If you know him you know that it’s no surprise as he is counted as the No.1 tennis player at the moment. 

Last year his performance was just superb at all majors and he even managed to win the US Open. The Spanish player I only 19 this year and the fact he already won a Grand Salm is beyond words. His actual odds are at 2.44 at the moment.

2023 French Open Odds: Novak Djokovic With Great Odds

Seeing the next name with great odds won’t be a surprise to anyone. Novak Djokovic is still one of the greatest players. He had won so many Grand Slams that it’s hard to count. Even at the French Open, he won two times already. Can he take home this year the third French Open Grand Slam title? Maybe he will. All in all, it seems like he has a really good possibility to be the winner even against Garfia or Nadal. 

What’s more, don’t forget the fact that he already won the Australian Open this year. Can he win two majors in a row? Well, we’ll see in June! When you take a look at his odds at the online sportsbooks in the US you’ll see that his odds are at 2.82. With that, he is just behind Garfia however if you follow tennis for a longer time you might have a feeling that he has even better odds than that 

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Can Nadal Win Again?

Moving on with the 2023 French Open odds we have another name that must be mentioned. And we highly believe who is it gonna be. Yes, it’s Rafael Nadal! And another legend who has great odds to be the winner at the Roland Garros. With odds at 4.32, he seems a bit far behind the first two tennis players we mentioned but he has good chances. If you know Nadal you know that very well. 

What’s more, if you take a look at his history at the Grand Slams you’ll see something. Nadal has a tendency for winning at the French Open. Unlike Djokovic who all in all had a lot of major winnings only had two French Open winnings. 

Nadal has won the French Open 14 times already. Can you believe that? What’s more, since 2017 there was only one time he didn’t win the title. That was in 2021 when Djokovic managed to defeat him. Taking all into consideration Nadal has superb odds of winning again. Do you think the 2022 champion can win in 2023 again? If yes then don’t be late to place your bet on him! 

Stefanos Tsitsipan Also Has Goods Odds

Moving on with the 2023 French Open odds we also need to talk about another player who has fairly good odds. His odds are at 8.4 and with that he has the fourth-best winnings odds. So, all in all, he still has odds to win and at least to be in the top 3.

Even though he has never won a Grand Slam (yet) he still has fairly good odds. Why? The answer is not very complicated. First of all, even without winning a Grand Slam he is of the best players at the moment. What makes him a chance to win at the Roland Garros is how he finished at the 2023 Australian Open.

It was his second time reaching the finals. And unformatunetyé he once again lost against Djokovic. That means if you just take into consideration this year’s records he is the second-best after Djokovic. So do you think he can win, Don’t forget to put your bets on him as the Franch Open will start at the end of May!

2023 French Open Odds: A Summary

All in all, these were the 2023 French Open odds. Hope we could helped you to get more information about the topic and now you are able to decide on who you want to bet. For that please visit 22BET Sportsbook. They have not just the best tennis odds but all in all this site is one of the best sportsbook sites online today. Also, in case you are new to tennis betting and still not sure how it works please check out this article. It is a guide for betting on tennis and here we have collected everything you need to know about this topic. 

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