Real Madrid Massacred Malmo In The Champions League

Real Madrid beat Malmo

• Ronaldo scores 4
• Benzema scores 3
• Kovacic scores 1

You always knew it was going to be a bit of a one sided affair. Malmo FF are not the team they were when they qualified for the Champions League and that’s shown in their form, whilst Real Madrid are playing some of the best football in the world and that showed in the result. Real Madrid massacred Malmo FF and made themselves the team to bet on to win the trophy.

Looking back they took their own sweet time to get off the start line when it came to goals. It took almost twelve minutes for Benzema to open the scoring for Real Madrid, some perhaps starting to mutter about Benitez resting up players like Bale, Navas and Modric ahead of their clash with Villareal on the weekend. Once he’d scored, however, it seemed nothing could stop the Spanish side wiping the pitch with whatever remains of Malmo’s self-esteem.

It took another 12 minutes for Karim Benzema to get his second, which at the time seemed to wrap the match up bar some time wasting, his header connecting with a Ronaldo cross and sailing into the top left corner of the net. But if you were Swedish gambling laws of resolve would somehow gird Malmo to the challenge and put up a stonewall against Real’s attack, you’d be wrong. They did precisely the opposite and Madrid massacred Malmo with almost slow deliberation.

Ronaldo got their third before half-time. A beautiful free kick that bounced deceptively and left Malmo’s keeper floundering as the bottom right corner of the net got a sudden delivery of ball. Three nil at half time, and you can bet the massacred Malmo were given a stern talking to in the dressing room for all the good it seemed to do. The team that came out after the break were no more capable than the one that went in three goals down.

Real Madrid Massacred Malmo In Slow Motion


Ronaldo celebrating after his first score against Malmo (Photo: Channel News)

This time it took Real just over two minutes to score, Ronaldo giving it a poke with his left foot from close range and finding the target, 4-0, and then with help from Danilo got a nice right foot into it and grabbed another within three minutes. 5-0. By now fans were starting to see this for what it was. They might not have expected to see a massacred Malmo, but that’s what they were getting. The Swedish side’s defense was woefully inept at some moments and there seemed precious little team cohesion.

It’s hard to play-up when you’re five goals down, but it might have been nice for those that like to bet on sports in Sweden to see their former champions put on a bit more of a display of heart than was evident. Not that they they ever had much time to contemplate their attitude as less than ten minutes later a rampant Ronaldo made it 6-0 with another right-footed effort from inside the box. When it comes to getting massacred Malmo were showing how it should be done.

Barely able to keep the ball, let alone get it near the Real goal in anything like a proper position for a realistic chance, Malmo struggled onward knowing the inevitable was still to come, and it duly did when Mateo Kovacic decided to join in the fun and get a 7th for the team now probably the best club side in the world. The demoralized and massacred Malmo played on but Benzema, who hadn’t scored for at least half an hour, needed another so he got it as easily as you can bet New Zealand is in the LOTR movies.

Ronaldo Scores More Than 23 Teams

Ronaldo 2

Ronaldo and the rest of the Real Madrid team destroyed Malmo (Photo: Indobola News)

Real Madrid massacred Malmo 8-0 with Ronaldo getting half of those meaning he managed to score 11 goals in the six group stage games, which is more than 23 of 32 entire teams in the competition managed, and whilst the Spanish had fun in Madrid, elsewhere the European dream was being snuffed out. Manchester United, for example, will face even more critical comment for their “boring” style after failing to reach the last sixteen, their manager Van Gaal particularly.

Wolfsburg beat the Red Devils 3-2
with PSV Eindhoven winning 2-1 against CSKA pushing United into third in Group B, which won’t be made any better by crosstown rivals Manchester City grabbing an exciting 4-2 victory over Borussia Monchengladbach to go top of Group D ahead of Juventus who lost against Sevilla. PSG grabbed the spot behind Real Madrid with a 2-0 win over Shakhtar Donetsk, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (former Malmo player) getting another to add to his record breaking PSG tally.

Given the evening’s results I’m gambling news of the odds on Real Madrid to win the Champions League outright have closed up to 6-0 after they massacred Malmo won’t surprise anyone, although of course Bayern Munich are still ahead of them in the odds on 3.50 and Barcelona lead the field with 3.20 at ComeOn! Sportsbook and its ilk. Man City get 12.00, PSG 13.00 and Chelsea a rather optimistic 21.00 given their recent domestic form, but who’ll lift that trophy come the final?

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