Wanna Fight? Denmark Will Give You One To Wager On

Denmark boxing

• December 12th
• Nielsen 1/9
• Markussen 11/2

You wouldn’t necessarily bet on Denmark boxing up all its aggression on the international political scene any more than you would that Nielsen & Markussen will be seen dancing a cha-cha together on the next series of Denmark’s Got Talent, however nor would you expect quite such multi-fronted beligerance from the Nordic nation all at once. Perhaps inspired by the upcoming “Bad Blood” bout Denmark has got fiesty……..with everyone.

It could just be coincidence. Perhaps just an alignment of stars, or the fates playing silly buggers with them but this week the Danes seem to have decided to celebrate the upcoming “Bad Blood” bout between long term bitter rivals Patrick Nielsen and Rudy Markussen in Copenhagen on the 12th by, as a nation, taking on two of the great power blocks in the world today; The EU and the US military industrial complex, at one and the same time.

Those that like to bet on sports in Denmark might well try and decide which they’d prefer least, the mountain of paperwork the EU can dish out, the danger of annoying heavily armed Americans or getting punched in the face by either of the two fighters topping the bill in Nisse Sauerland‘s latest extravaganza. Of course whilst you’d perhaps not bet on Denmark boxing itself into a corner with its international relations, it does seem they’ve led with their chin regardless.

Patrick Nielsen is the current WBA International Super Middleweight Champion on a record of 27-1 with 13 KOs and Markussen, 39-3 with 26 KOs, is a former European champion, and I suspect neither one would be quite so cavalier as to both cock a snook at the European Union AND then tell the Americans they’d gone off the idea of giving them vast sums of money in return for a consignment of Lockheed’s folly du jour, the F-35 attack aircraft.

You Didn’t Bet On Denmark Boxing Itself Into A Corner?


You can bet on Denmark staying in the EU (Photo: Asger)

Obviously no one can blame Denmark for voting to remain on the list of Euro nations exempt from certain laws and regulations in the current climate. The immigration crisis has made the EU hugely unpopular and 53% of voters decided to retain the distance from complete European integration that they set out when they rejected the Maastricht treaty back in 1993. The anti-federalist sentiment however will not go down well in Brussels.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that a bet on Denmark boxing clever is always a smart move, but on the face of it this seems far more likely to earn the ire of the the paper-pushers at the EU, and one does wonder if there isn’t an element of deserting a sinking ship rather than lending a hand on the pumps about the whole business. Certainly I’ll not be the only one gambling news stories emanating from the pro-European press are unlikely to be in Denmark’s corner for the considerable future.

The snub of the American aircraft, however, is a completely different kettle of fish. The US’ desperation to sell the F-35 to all its allies belies just how rubbish it actually is, exports required to protect long term jobs at Lockheed because the domestic market is due to be short lived. Denmark deciding to put off the decision to buy, is not the first refusal (Canada has also developed cold feet) but NATO nations turning down this sort of procurement is not a prescient Lockheed will welcome.

Nielsen Vs Markussen – The Bad Blood Bout


Nielsen and Markussen will duke it out in Denmark (Photo: Fight Network)

If you’d not bet on Denmark boxing above its weight you could almost guarantee Patrick and Rudy, welcoming their bout with gusto. The pair had to be physically separated during the traditional face-to-face photos at a press conference and exchanged the sort of insults typical of the sport, although both were then immediately upstaged by a gatecrashing chicken who had to be ejected by security for highlighting just how silly the press fight shenanigans have become in boxing.

“Something like this has not happened in Denmark for a long time.” Said Kalle Sauerland, “We’re proud to present the fans with the fight they’ve been asking for.” A sentiment that belies just how much this fight has divided the community. There are no neutrals to this one, and whilst Denmark might find it’s recent International decisions will leave it out in the cold in that ring on the 12th it’s going to be nothing but fireworks as this grudge match is settled once and for all.

Those amongst you that will be taking advantage of Danish gambling laws to wager on the fight at ComeOn! Sportsbook and the like will find that the bookies think Nielsen will win through and he’s garnering a delightful 1/9 with Rudy only attracting a paltry 11/2 although the former’s odds are drifting slightly and the latter’s closing up a smidgen. You can’t bet on Denmark boxing anyone’s ears, but you can pretty much be assured someone will end up unconscious after this one.

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