Real Madrid Tranfer Ban Announced, Zidane Disapproves


Posted: September 13, 2016

Updated: September 13, 2016

Long story short: Real Madrid transfer ban was about to be official, but the Royal Club appealed for one last time against the decision.

Online betting news in Spain have been writing about a possible Real Madrid transfer ban that has been launched by FIFA due to irregular transfers. The allegations were proved to be true on Thursday and the Royal Club was official closed out of the next two transfer season by the most important football organization, together with their city rivals, Atletico de Madrid.

It has been the second round of the whole saga of the FIFA transfer ban for the two biggest clubs in Madrid. They have already been banned but an appeal has been sent to FIFA. It has been refused and now the two teams will be closed out of the next two transfer windows – according to the latest news. However, that’s not to be taken officially yet.

In addition, we had the chance to see how serious decision this is when Barcelona were given the same punishment. They were not allowed to sign any players, yet they purchased Atletico’s Turkish midfielder, Arda Turan. He was not allowed to play until the decision expired, but he was free to train with them and leave his club for Barcelona. Which makes the transfer ban name ridiculous: transferring is possible, registering the new players is not.

But there are exceptions with that statement as well, because those players who are owned by the banned clubs but are out on loan, they can return to their clubs without a problem at any time, even during the ban. And both Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have some great talents on loan.

FIFA names Zidane’s kids as 4 of the wrongly managed transfers

One of the main reason behind FIFA’s decision to ban Real Madrid from two transfer seasons was a certain corruption scandal around the Royal Club’s former legendary football player and current manager, Zinedine Zidane. That is because of the fact that the man of the Undécima has 4 sons.

That wouldn’t be so much of a problem for FIFA, but their career is more like it: all his sons play for Galacticos, in different youth teams. The interesting part is not that a legendary father would reproduce talented successors, it happened before. The story becomes interesting when we take a look at when these players were signed for Real Madrid youth teams.

His oldest son, Enzo Zidane now has realistic chances of becoming a first team member. He travelled to Canada and the USA to train with the adults. The 21-year-old was sined for Real Madrid in 2004, when his father was a player at Los Blancos. Luca Zidane joined Real Madrid at the same year when the only goalkeeper in the Zidane family was only 6 years old. By today, he is the starter in Solari’s Real Madrid Castilla.

Theo Zidane joined Cadete B in 2010, when Zidane returned to Real Madrid as José Mourinho’s right hand, while Elyaz Zidane arrived in 2013 when his father became Carlo Ancelotti’s assistant manager. Online sportsbooks in Spain start to believe that they are not there simply because of their outstanding talent, but maybe they were in a quite lucky, or maybe even in a privileged situation during the selection. Maybe Zidane had some special conditions before signing the contracts?

Zidane says the FIFA transfer ban is absurd

At the same time, Zidane does not understand the sanction. He says that the Real Madrid transfer ban is nothing but absurd because his sons lived their entire life in the city of Madrid. It would be strange to question why they play for a Madrid-based team because it’s only natural. “I mind it and I do not understand it. I hope this problem will be solved rather soon” – he said.

“The club will do everything in its power to change this sanction. At the moment, all we can do is waiting. The sanction is not final yet and we hope it will be solved soon. I have nothing else to add, speaking of it solves nothing”
– finished Zidane talking about the Real Madrid transfer ban.

Despite the fact that Real Madrid will be closed out of the next two transfer windows, online sportsbooks still believe they are among the top European football clubs. The most important bookies have pretty tempting odds on them triumphing by they end of the season. For example, Coral Sportsbook has set the odds for Real Madrid to win Champions League at 6.50 (11/2), while MarathonBet’s odds for Real Madrid winning La Liga are 2.26 (24/19). Barcelona are favourites in both tournaments with 4.00 (3/1) Champions League odds and 1.80 (4/5) La Liga odds at the same bookies.

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