Real Madrid Won Against Bayern Munich in World Class Game

Real won Against Bayern

Just like 3 years ago, Real Madrid won against Bayern Munich once again in Allianz Arena, ending a perfect series of the Bavarians. But we’ll talk about that later, let’s see what happened tonight in the Champions League!

Online betting news in Spain were on fire upon another classic football derbies as Bayern Munich hosted Real Madrid at Allianz Arena. The odds were in favour of the Bavarians and online sports betting sites did not expect that Real Madrid won against Bayern Munich would be an actual possibility to happen: the odds for Real to win were 5.00 (4/1) at Bet365 before the game.

Real Madrid played like a Champions League winner should play…

The Galacticos have not been playing superbly so far this season. It is not the fault of online sportsbooks that they expected Bayern to win against Los Blancos: they were clear favourites at home. However, odds are often upset and thanks to this comfortable and confident victory, Real Madrid could be regarded as number one favourites to win Champions League as they just defeated the biggest title candidates with a perfect game.

Can Bayern come back to qualify?

This Champions League has already showed some great comebacks, and hence if you think it is to happen, you could join online sportsbooks in Spain and place your bets on Bayern to qualify. The odds for this to happen are 4.50 (7/2), while the odds for Real Madrid to qualify for Champions League semi-finals are 1.17 (1/6).

Can Real be the first in history to defend a Champions League title?

As Real Madrid won against Bayern Munich, we can refer to them as the strongest team in Europe. Not only because they defeated the team, that has been regarded as the best European football team, but also because Los Merengues played like true Champions. Los Blancos were to trash Bayern Munich if it weren’t for Manuel Neuer and his outstanding skills. However, will this be enough to defend the title? We’ll see. In any ways, you can bet on them for 3.00 (2/1) odds at Coral Sportsbook!

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