Classic Football Derbies: Bet on Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid

Bayern v Real 2017

Now is the best time to bet on Champions League because we get to see another one of the classic football derbies: Bet on Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid game tonight!

Online gambling news in Germany as well as in Spain have been excited ever since the drawing. Probably the two strongest sides of the competition have been drawn together to play in the quarter-finals. Sports betting sites would agree with that as well, because these two teams are the biggest favourites to win the Champions League 2017.

The odds for Bayern Munich to win Champions League are 3.80 (14/5) at NetBet, while the odds for Real Madrid to win the Champions League are 6.50 (11/2) at Betfair. Whoever will qualify for the semi-finals from this match, will clearly be the biggest favourite to win the cup. But till then, let’s take a look at the best betting odds for Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid, one of the biggest classic football derbies!

Bayern are favourites at Allianz Arena

Online sportsbooks in Germany believe that the best you can do is place a bet on Bayern Munich to beat Real Madrid. At least that’s what we can assume based on the betting odds for Bayern v Real: the odds for Bayern to win against Real Madrid are 1.70 (7/10) at Bwin, while the odds for Real to beat Bayern are incredible 5.00 (4/1) at Bet365.

Those who often bet on Real Madrid can see now what a terrific battle is to be expected: a strong team like Los Blancos is not used to having their chances to win at 5.00 (4/1). However, the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale will need to play a perfect game if they want to help gamblers win money betting on Real Madrid.

Watch out for injured players…

It is really hard to predict what is to happen on tonight’s Champions League derby. Not only because it’s one of the most important classic football derbies ever, but also because both teams are facing lots of problems with injured players. Varane and Pepe will surely miss the game, and so will Hummels. In addition, Neuer’s, Lewandowski’s and Carvajal’s game is also endangered by minor injuries.

However, you can still join online sportsbooks and bet on certain players to score. For example, as it is an important Champions League derby, you can be sure as hell that Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos will come with a header if his team will really need it. The odds for Ramos to score tonight are 11.00 (10/1) at 188BET. It’s worth considering…

However, if you think that tonight is all about the forwards and not a central defender will bring the glory for his team, then you better place your bet on Cristiano Ronaldo or Arjen Robben to score. Both of their odds are 2.60 (8/5) at Paddy Power, while the most expected player to score at Bayern v Real is Robert Lewandowski, whose odds are 1.75 (3/4) at Unibet.

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