Reality TV Betting Could Get Serious On Game2:Winter

Russian reality TV show

Anyone in Monaco gambling reality TV betting on Bake Off or Love Island at Bet365 or elsewhere would slowly die a death of its own making as people realized other people aren’t any more interesting than they themselves are, should guess again. The new Russian TV show “Game2:Winter” will require 30 contestants to survive in Siberia for nine months and looks set to engross Russians next year.

If there were a map of the modern gambling landscape it would, I feel certain, look like a battle plan drawn up by MC Escher. A contorted world of twisted perspectives collapsing in on themselves, the multiple front lines between the major players in the gambling industry and power-blocks they support a sprawling mass of competition, legal wrangling and a constant push against the limits of European, US or Russian gambling laws. Reality TV betting is just one of the more recent editions to the family.

Game2: Winter

  • 30 Contestants
  • 9 months in Siberia
  • 2000 cameras

It may be a small skirmish by comparisons with the big battles over casino games and horse racing, blackjack and roulette, but the reality TV betting figures have risen steadily since this format gained its grip on the public psyche when Big Brother hove to on our screens. Yes, there had been efforts of the kind before, but this was the one that caught the public imagination, and its success spawned a myriad of shows around which television schedules now spin, and they all attract wagers at Bet365 et al.

Reality TV Betting More Popular Then Ever

Each of them a competition to impress it really doesn’t matter if you follow Dancing with the Stars or Strictly Come Dancing, American Idol or Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice or Survivor, the formula is the same and the reality TV betting world goes just as crazy about each of them, the tabloids full of back room gossip, the bookies adjusting their odds after every episode or every leaked story from ‘inside’ and unlike the sporting world’s lame claims of innocence and honesty, reality TV doesn’t even say it is.

Russian Hunger Games

It’s not hard to imagine a Hunger Games-like scenario unfolding in Siberia (photo:

Whilst Western TV tempts us with dancing, singing or cooking competitions for our reality TV betting at Bet365, Russia takes things a few steps further and while we can sit and laugh at stars struggling for a few weeks on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in the up-coming Game2:Winter contestants will need to survive for nine months in the harshness of Siberia, monitored not by film crews but by thousands of cameras put across the area, a hardcore alternative to placing a bet on sports in Russia.

Will Bet365 Give Odds On Game2:Winter Contestants?

This is not hardcore because its a show about survival in horrific conditions, we already have “Naked & Afraid” for that, but because contestants who might attract reality TV betting money on Game2: Winter will have to sign a waiver stating they don’t mind being killed or maimed in the making of the show and any Russian gambling news of that alarm bell might put people off should guess again, 60 people from all over the world have already applied to the show. The question is will they survive?

Game2 Winter

  • ”Will refuse any claim of participants even if they were to be killed”
  • – Yevgeny Pyatkovsky

Reality TV betting might seem a small corner of the wider gambling industry, but its rise is born out of the ease of access internet betting Bet365 and its chums have created, a decline in faith that sports are in any way honest, however the competition now between these various shows is as fierce as between any sports team rivals you can name, and in the pursuit of ratings and public interest Game2: Winter is pushing it to the limits, it’s creator Yevgeny Pyatkovsky hoping to make it an international success.

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