Rees-Mogg Leadership Betting Odds Surprisingly Short

Leadership betting odds

Whilst across the Atlantic the Republican Party eats itself over the repeal of Obamacare in the UK the ruling Conservative Party is in just as much turmoil as the leadership betting odds show all too clearly. The Prime Minister might not be all that secure but the competition for the job of replacing her has thrown up some horror-story possibilities, not least of which is generational throwback Jacob Rees-Mogg, but can the most out of touch MP in parliament really become PM this autumn?

Conservative Leadership Odds

• Michael Gove – 25/1
• Sajid Javid – 25/1
• Damian Green – 20/1
• Ruth Davidson – 14/1
• Jacob Rees-Mogg – 14/1
• Amber Rudd – 10/1
• Philip Hammond – 6/1
• Boris Johnson – 13/2
• David Davis – 7/2

When Theresa May returned from her walking holiday and called a snap general election it was widely seen as a piece of merciless political opportunism, the final victory over a shambles of a Labour Party would guarantee Tory rule for decades to come. Then the results came in and whilst the Conservatives had won, by the skin of their teeth, and her position was clearly under threat, but just who would replace her as leader of the Tory party? The answer, and leadership betting odds at Bet365, might surprise you.

There are the usual suspects in the mix, of course, the favorite being the mild mannered David Davis who is currently the “Secretary of state for Exiting the European Union” which should, if we’re honest about it, being a politically poisoned chalice, and yet he’s still garnering a favorable 7/2 at the head of the pack. Naturally this says much about the pack and some of the problems inherent in his opponents, and whilst UK gambling laws will permit you to back them, the leadership betting odds highlight the sub-par field.

Can David Davis See Off Boris Johnson & Philip Hammond?

Boris Johnson, the mop-top muppet that used to be Mayor of London and is the epitome of mean-minded right-wing demagoguery hidden behind a clown-like public character, has wanted this job for years and at 13/2 he’s in with a chance, however he does come with baggage (mostly of his own making) and Philip Hammond, recently described as the “temporary chancellor” by Labour’s Ian Murray in the House of Commons, is hot on his heels at 6/1 despite being far less popular with the public.

Boris Johnson PM

Could Boris Johnson finally win the PM nomination he’s been looking for all these years? (photo:

Amber Rudd may well get a generous 10/1 from Bet365 right now but those leadership betting odds won’t last the summer out if there’s riots on the streets, something that as Home Secretary she’d be held responsible for, and Scot Ruth Davidson, perhaps the real Tory winner from the General Election might get 14/1 for all the good it will do her but she’s not really a hope, unlike the other candidate at 14/1 who, if you like to bet on sports in the UK, is the Accrington Stanley of the British political landscape.

Find All The Conservative Party Leadership Betting Odds At Bet365

Jacob Rees-Mogg has been described as “The MP for the 18th Century” given his unrepentant upper-class (dare I say “posh”) demeanor, his manifest detestation of modernity and obvious disconnect from the day-to-day lives of ‘ordinary’ people. Were he a little older he’d exude the character of a World War One general, the same disinterest and dislike for the poor (to whom he is always blisteringly polite) and the fact that Bet365 give him 14/1 Conservative leadership betting odds is a shocking indictment of the Tory party.

Having voted against same-sex marriage, expressed a desire to do away with the Human Rights Act and defended the horrific exploitative cutting edge of capitalism, zero hours contracts, he is also at the forefront of climate change apathy. Whilst anyone in the UK gambling news will emerge of his election is possibly just a little deranged, the bookies like Bet365 thinks there’s a 14/1 chance the Tories want a leader to take them back to a time before democracy when the poor knew their place. Says it all really.

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